Pea and Wasabi Dip


This dip packs a real punch of taste and protein too. It makes a change from hummus and has the benefit of not containing garlic so it is great to take to work as a snack. It only takes a few minutes to make.


200g of frozen peas (petit pois are best as they taste sweeter and are less fibrous)

1 tsp Wasabi paste (can be bought in most Asian supermarkets)

1 tbsp low fat mayonnaise or you could use sour cream/crème fraîche or natural yoghurt

Splash of lemon juice

Salt and black pepper to taste


Cook the frozen peas until tender. Drain and cool in cold water, drain again.

Blend the peas with the wasabi paste and mayonnaise (or alternative). Add a small amount of lemon juice and taste. Keep adding until it lifts the flavour.

Season with salt and pepper and serve with rye crackers or crudités.