Staying Healthy in Lockdown

Staying Healthy in Lockdown

In our last post we talked about what to do to stay healthy in lockdown. In this post we tackle the things that you should try not to do in order to support your physical and mental health. Try not to:

Use alcohol to de-stress. You probably had some boundaries around booze before, so decide what your new boundaries could be and make a pact with your partner and or friends to stick to it

Snack continuously – food is more available to just grab when you are at home. So buy fewer treats in and plan your snack times, including healthier options and savoury ones to reduce the sugar. Combine snacks with a break from work

Use baking as your go to recreation – only bake once a week and try to include some savoury bakes or use more fresh fruit/vegetables, wholemeal flour and good oil in your bakes

Use food as comfort or consolation for feeling fed up. There are other activities which would help change your mood and keep your relationship with food a healthy one