Lose Weight for Good 

Why not lose weight for good with us? This Low Glycaemic Load plan is different from many other weight loss plans because it:

  • focuses on real nutritious food that tastes great – you get new recipes to taste each week
  • helps you to understand what and how to eat for weight management now and in the future
  • often provides other health benefits such as improved digestion and energy
  • supports you with more than just a diet plan – we have weekly contact with you to help you to achieve your goals

On our programme you will learn more about nutrition and are inspired to have a wider range of tasty but healthy meals to suit your lifestyle.

This plan includes:

  • An initial individual session with a trained nutritional therapist to help you understand your current eating habits, overcome your own weight loss barriers and provide advice on how to tailor the plan to your needs
  • Weekly weigh ins in Esher, Surrey with information about different aspects of healthy eating and weight management. If you do not live locally this can be done over phone and Skype.
  • A recipe pack

If you would like any more information regarding our services please contact us.

Here are some of the comments from our clients:

I have felt invigorated, motivated and feel healthier and fitter as a result of being on the programme. I would highly recommend it to anyone. JW Teddington

Lost 12lb in 8 weeks

Based on science and common sense this programme works. In just 8 weeks I have lost over a stone. I feel better and my attitude towards food and drink has changed, which bodes well for the future. AR Thames Ditton

Lost 1st 3lb in 8 weeks

I have dropped significant weight (at least a stone and a half) and feel much better with my back. Feeling better has been a big incentive. So, thanks very much again for your advice. Out of the MANY specialists I saw, you gave the best advice. DL London

The eating plan was very easy to follow. I enjoyed the food and did not feel hungry. Along with exercise within a very short period of time I was feeling a lot healthier. LB Molesey

Lost 1st 5lb in 8 weeks

I would just like to say thank you for the nutrition and weight loss programme that I did with you. During the 8 weeks I found the weekly meetings very informative and really enjoyed the different “taster” foods/supplements which you brought along each time. The recipes were also very good and easy to follow. Your advice was individually tailored and helped me to lose the weight I wanted within the 8 weeks!! I will definitely recommend your programme to my friends. GM Esher

Lost 9lbs in 8 weeks

I found the tasty recipes, which we sampled on weigh in nights, really helped with the eating plan. The explanation of why you eat some foods and not others made you think before you were tempted to eat something which was not on the plan. I lost a lot of weight quickly and then slowed to a steady pace. I feel a lot healthier as well as slimmer now. RH Thames Ditton

Lost 1st 3lb in 8 weeks

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